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AES Announces More Tutorials for 123rd Convention in New York City

AES Tutorial/Workshops Chair Alex Case (pictured) has scheduled additional events for the 123rd convention in New York City (October 5-8, 2007 at the Javits Center) that will address PC audio, forensic audio, psychoacoustics, tinnitus and more.

“The distinction between workshops and tutorials can be summed up in two words: ‘level’ and ‘volume,’” explains AES 123rd Convention Chair Jim Anderson. “They are designed to address highly technical subject matter for small groups of established industry professionals. The level of the subject matter is high, and the number of participants is low. In keeping with this formula, Tutorial/Workshops Chair Alex Case has assembled an authoritative Tutorial Program.”

Newly announced tutorial/workshop sessions include “Audio On the Personal Computer,” presented by Elliot Omiya of Microsoft; a discussion of tinnitus, presented by Dr. Neil Cherian, M.D.; “What Is The Matrix,” presented by Bang & Olufsen’s Geoff Martin (on the use of matrixing in microphone and mixing techniques for stereo and multi-channel formats); an “Architectural Acoustics” tutorial by Tony Hoover of the Acoustical Society of America; “Audio Ear Training,” presented by Dave Moulton; “Preparing Your Mixes for Mastering,” a workshop presented by Grammy-winning engineer Adam Ayan of Gateway Mastering; “Forensic Audio, Video and Voice Identification in the Digital Age,” moderated by Tom Owen; and “High Definition Perception,” a tutorial on psychoacoustics and physiology presented by Dr. Poppy Crum of John Hopkins University School of Medicine.

For registration and housing information, and for a detailed preliminary calendar of events, visit