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AES-Crowley and Tripp Unveil Recordist, Stereo Kit

Crowley and Tripp showed its new Recordist and Recordist Ensemble Stereo Kit. The Recordist is voiced for realistic reproduction of classical and jazz performances where a full-range, natural sound is desired. The Recordist’s high-output, low-noise design is geared for use with location recording devices and digital audio interfaces, without the need for special high-gain ribbon mic preamps. The Recordist is priced at $1,295 each, and comes with a low-diffraction rotary mount, a Pelican case for location gigs and a three-year warranty.

The Recordist Ensemble Stereo Kit fills the need for those who want to record in realistic Blumlein stereo but need the tracking flexibility not offered by integrated stereo ribbon microphones. The Recordist Ensemble Stereo Kit comprises two matched Recordist microphones, extender bar and two low-diffraction rotary mounts, and is offered at an introductory price of $1,995. Recordist mics come with a three-year warranty, a Pelican case and a gunmetal-gray finish.

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