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AES: A-Designs EM-Gold

A-Designs’ latest 500 Series–compatible mic pre is the EM-Gold. Designed to bring more mids to the lower end of the sonic spectrum, the EM-Gold combines the output transformer of the EM-Silver (custom all-steel winding) and the input transformer of the EM-Red (custom winding with different ratio I/O).

The EM-Gold features a 1/4-inch hi-Z DI input for instruments, switches for 48-volt phantom power (with LED indicator), -20dB pad and phase, a large aluminum cast knob for gain, custom-wound input and output transformers, two thumb screws for easy installation and a solid build. Like the EM-Red, the EM-Gold also offers 62 dB of gain.

The EM-Gold lists for $850. For more information, visit For additional AES product news, visit