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AES Hosts Game Audio Conference in London, February 11-13

Audio Engineering Society Executive Director Roger Furness reports that the AES 35th International Conference will focus on the “Audio for Games” sector of professional audio production and post-production. Scheduled for February 11-13, 2009 at the Royal Academy of Engineers (RAE), the Conference will explore the full range of technical and creative game audio issues.

Among the subjects on the agenda are digital signal processing, spatial audio, music and sound content creation, codecs and speech processing. The Conference will feature a number of industry leaders including keynote speaker Steve Root of Codemasters, Scott Selfon of Microsoft, Jason Page of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Masaya Matsuura, the creator of Parappa the Rapper.

The conference reflects the truly international composition of the games industry and includes sessions from other leading U.S. and European game studios as well as a special presentation featuring panelists from Namco-Bandai and Campcom studios in Japan.

“This event represents an opportunity for members of the games industry to share their knowledge, experience and insights into pushing current and future technology to its maximum potential,” says Michael Kelly, 35th conference chair.

To register for the AES 35th Conference, visit and click on “Audio for Games.”