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AES New Product News: Klein + Hummel O 300 D, Pro A 2000

Sennheiser Electronic Corp. (SEC) is showcasing the Klein + Hummel (K+H) O 300 D three-way active studio monitor system, as well as the Pro A 2000 power amplifier, at the AES Convention this weekend, booth #227.

Klein + Hummel O300D

Sennheiser Electronic Corp. (SEC) is showcasing the Klein + Hummel (K+H) O 300 D three-way active studio monitor system, as well as the Pro A 2000 power amplifier, at the AES Convention this weekend, booth #227.

The O 300 D, available now, offers three drivers, each powered by a high-performance amplifier exactly matched to the driver’s technical requirements. The drivers are mounted in a front baffle of Low Resonance Integral Moulding. Waveguides machined into the new, dense LRIM material provide optimal dispersion while also minimizing time and phase coherency problems at the crossover frequencies.

The eight-inch (210mm) long-excursion voice coil cone woofer is made of a special lightweight polypropylene material with self-damping properties. A three-inch (76mm) diameter voice coil, treated fabric dome driver handles the mid-range.

The high-frequency driver is equipped with a titanium/fabric dome that combines the transparency of a titanium dome with the low-distortion of a fabric dome and is finely matched to its elliptical waveguide to ensure exceptional directivity. The vertical plane dispersion reduces the comb-filter effect of early reflections off the console surface, while the broad horizontal dispersion affords engineers greater freedom of movement.

A special connector provides direct access to each of the three power amplifiers and allows the use of the external K+H Pro C 28 digital controller. The O 300 D is additionally equipped with switchable inputs for transformer balanced analog as well as digital signals in both AES/EBU and S/PDIF formats that accommodate sampling rates up to 96kHz at 24-bit resolution.

All three drivers are magnetically shielded to prevent interference with video monitors or computers. The cabinet is available in either a charcoal-gray enamel finish or a dark-gray nylon-fiber nap with an attractive metal grille, and offers a variety of mounting options.

Maximum SPL is 112.8 dB (in half-space, 3% THD @ 1m) with a frequency response of 40 Hz to 20 kHz (+/- 2dB). The bass, mid-range and treble amplifiers respectively deliver 150 watts RMS (250W peak), 65W RMS (75W peak) and 65W RMS (110W peak). Dimensions (W x H x D) are 15x10x11 (12-inch with grille). MSRP: $3,395 per speaker.

The dual-channel K+H Pro A 2000 amplifier delivers 1000 watts RMS to each output at two Ohms and 2100 watts into four Ohms in bridge mode. The Pro A 2000 amplifier may be used in combination with K+H loudspeaker, bass management and digital speaker processor components in high-definition studio monitoring, as well as P.A. loudspeaker systems.

The K+H Pro A 2000 features a temperature controlled Smart-Limiter that reduces output power gradually by as much as 10 dB as the temperature approaches critical levels, preventing premature shutdown. An overload current limiter reduces the output level while maintaining a low-distortion output even at a load of 1.5 Ohms or less. Efficient cooling is provided with four three-speed fans operating in a push-pull arrangement plus an energy saving mode conserves power consumption and reduces heat generation, with minimum fan noise, when no audio signal is being passed.

Extensive diagnosis indicators, which are also available on an optional remote module, display amplifier modes, limiting, signal presence and clipping, as well as the status of the various optional modules. Those slot-in modules, which may be added to extend the capabilities and features of the Pro A 2000, include speaker and system controllers, a S/PDIF, AES/EBU 96kHz/24-bit digital interface, a 2 x 2-band parametric equalizer, 70V/100V output transformers and high performance balancing transformers, a remote control interface and a redundant amplifier extension. MSRP: $3,950.

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