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Airshow Welcomes Randy LeRoy to New East Coast Studios

Randy LeRoy

Nashville mastering engineer Randy LeRoy (pictured) joins Airshow’s team in its new multi-room studio facility in Takoma Park, Md. LeRoy joins Airshow owner and chief engineer Charlie Pilzer, recording engineer Frank Marchand, and studio manager Toni Goldberg at Airshow Takoma Park, which was designed by Sam Berkow of SIA Acoustics and opened in early 2010.

LeRoy brings more than 20 years of mastering expertise to the Airshow engineering team. After departing Masterfonics in the early ’90s, LeRoy started Final Stage Mastering in Nashville.

“Airshow’s new Takoma Park studios provide me an exceptional listening environment and a large palette of mastering tools,” LeRoy says. “I’m now able to master in surround for my music clients’ video projects. The majority of clients don’t attend mastering sessions like they did in the past. It’s now routine to work with clients delivering their mixes electronically from halfway across the globe.”

“All Airshow engineers have extensive experience, and in this way, Randy is a good fit for our team,” Pilzer adds. “We feel very fortunate to have attracted a senior Nashville hand to our new rooms.”

LeRoy shapes his sound with mastering gear from Manley, GML, Weiss, Maselec, SADiE, Soundblade, Duntech, Bryston, Pacific Microsonics, Sonnox, UAD and Metric Halo. His most recent credits include Jamey Johnson’s upcoming double CD, The Guitar Song, on Universal Music Nashville; Karan Casey & John Doyle’s Exiles Return on Compass Records; and Darryl Worley’s upcoming release, God & Country, on Stroudavarious Records.

Randy LeRoy can be reached at [email protected].

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