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Alan Parsons Continues the ‘Art and Science of Sound Recording’ Series

Alan Parsons

Alan Parsons’ Art and Science of Sound Recording, an instructional series covering all aspects of sound recording, announces that it has released a series of new sections. Following the initial scenes released last month, which cover MIDI, EQ, Delays, Drums, Noise Gates and Recording a Choir, the new sections individually examine the recording topics of Studio Acoustics, Consoles and Controllers, Digital Audio and Computers, Monitoring, Microphones, Keyboards and Bass.

The Art and Science of Sound Recording collection is designed to offer something for everyone interested in recording their own music, from novice to professional engineers. Supported by extensive musical examples, custom diagrams, and interview clips, each section offers an in-depth view of individual areas of the recording process.

Visitors can go to to download the first twelve sections, take the recording quiz to win free downloads, and learn about premium membership packages offering exclusive bonus materials and pre-order discounts. Current ASSR members who have pre-ordered the DVD series will be able to log into their account and have access to the new sections.