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Alienware Intros Two Notebooks

Alienware has expanded its notebook line with two new mobile systems featuring Intel Centrino mobile technology: the MJ-12 m5700i ($1,499) and the MJ-12 m5500i ($1,049).

Offering multiple graphics options—including the NVIDIA GeForce Go 6800 graphics card, dual SATA hard drives in RAID configurations and Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition—the MJ-12 m5700i is geared for running audio, video, graphics, animations and design applications on the go. The NVIDIA Quadro 1400 card will soon be available on this system. The MJ-12 m5700i also showcases a 17-inch widescreen LCD with ClearView technology.

The MJ-12 m5500i balances the capabilities of high-performance mobile graphics, Intel Centrino mobile technology and DDR2 Alienware-qualified memory with a highly mobile design that weighs six pounds and features a 15.4-inch wide-screen LCD. In addition, the MJ-12 m5500i features a new Alienware innovation, Graphics Control Technology, giving customers the flexibility of switching between the advanced capabilities of graphic solutions like the NVIDIA’s GeForce Go 6800 graphics card. The NVIDIA Quadro 1400 card will also be available soon on this system.

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