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Allen & Heath Launches Online Configuration Tool for iLive

Allen & Heath has launched the iLive Configuration Utility, a new online tool to aid customers wishing to purchase the new modular digital system. The Flash-based Web application enables the user to build their own iLive system, selecting iLive control surfaces, iDR10 MixRacks and the various components needed, to design a system tailored to their specific requirements.

The application comprises three screens: the iLive surface, the MixRack and the addition of extra modules or accessories. A configuration utility allows users to “drag” modules to the corresponding slots on the back of an iLive surface and MixRack. An item code is generated for each iLive surface and iDR10 MixRack built, and up to five surfaces and five MixRacks configurations can be saved during the process. Upon completion, the configurations can be forwarded to a local sales representative.

“As iLive is modular with a wide variety of options and components, it can be difficult for customers to visualize and cost a system. This tool allows them to explore the range of options available, pick and choose according to their requirements, and match their budget,” explains Allen & Heath’s sales director, Bob Goleniowski. “Everything can be saved, recalled and sent to our sales distribution network, which also eliminates any order errors. It will really help streamline the sales process for this complex product.”

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