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Allen & Heath ML5000 Installed On Set of ‘Instant Star’

An Allen & Heath ML5000 VCA mixer has been installed in the fictional
studio of the Canadian TV series, Instant Star. Now in its third
season, the TV drama chronicles the life of a feisty young rock star named
Jude Harrison, portrayed by Alexz Johnson (pictured), who has won a recording contract with G-Major Studios.

“Our main objective with Instant Star is to make the series as realistic
as possible to accurately reflect the music industry, which is why we
had to have a fully functioning board and not just a set piece,” explains executive producer, Stephen Stohn. “This is enhanced with the presence of the Allen & Heath ML5000 mixer, which is the centerpiece of our recording studio set in the fictitious G-Major studio. Many of the show’s fans are intrigued by the music business, so the challenge is to have all the equipment working as a real studio, with the mixer at the core operating as a real board, with the meters visibly working.”

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