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Amazon Taps HFA for Licensing Services

The Harry Fox Agency Inc. (HFA), a leading provider of rights management solutions for the music and other intellectual property-based industries, announces that it will provide licensing services for enhancements to Amazon’s digital music locker, which Amazon calls its Cloud Player.

HFA, with its deep publisher relationships, is uniquely positioned to reach out to its client base of more than 46,000 music publishers to facilitate the licensing of music for use in various cloud player enhancements to Amazon’s digital music locker. Consumers can use the music locker to organize and play digital music files.

In addition to handling license issuance, HFA will provide data management services to Amazon, matching millions of tracks to underlying compositions and identifying copyright owners. HFA will also process royalty distributions for Amazon, ensuring timely and efficient payments to publishers.

Michael Simon, President and CEO of HFA, says, “In addition to ensuring content owners are properly compensated, HFA is committed to empowering new business models and supporting emerging music distribution technologies as they evolve to meet consumer demands.”

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