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× Now Offers DRM-Free Music has officially opened its online music store and now offers its customers more than 2 million DRM-free songs.

“’s recognition that giving consumers what they want‚ digital music, the way they want it— without burdensome DRM [digital rights management] software—makes good business sense, is a tremendous step forward for artists, consumers and the music industry itself,” says Maura Corbett, a spokesperson for the Digital Freedom Campaign. “Today’s announcement from the world’s leading Internet retailer is proof positive that combining digital music and digital freedom equals profitability. As more and more DRM-free music becomes available, consumers will increasingly demand the flexibility and freedom to legally purchase and play songs on the device they choose, and we hope more retailers like Amazon will be there to provide it.”

The announcement comes on the heels of similar decisions made in recent months by Wal-Mart and international music labels EMI and the Universal Music Group. will offer music from more than 180,000 artists at 89 cents per song.

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