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American Federation of Musicians, G.A.N.G. Join Forces

The American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM) today announced that its International Executive Board authorized AFM’s Diamond Sponsorship of the Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.), a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of interactive audio.

“We are extremely pleased to be joining forces with G.A.N.G.,” says AFM president Thomas F. Lee. “AFM musicians are the best in the world, and by developing the relationship with G.A.N.G., the AFM has opened the door for greater work opportunities for AFM members, while ensuring that our talented musicians are fairly compensated for their significant contributions.”

“We are thrilled to welcome AFM as a Diamond Sponsor,” says Paul Lipson, president of the Game Audio Network Guild. “Our work with the AFM has not only made it possible for the game industry to be able to support and attract top recording talent, but now facilitates work for those musicians within the most creative sector in the entertainment industry. We look forward to continuing the relationship we have established as we grow opportunities year over year.”

In a bold move aimed at capturing a greater share of the videogame scoring market, the AFM’s International Executive Board recently authorized its officers to enter into a series of “one-off” agreements with terms that are consistent with current industry practices. These agreements allow publishers to use videogame music from their titles for all other purposes, including promotional materials such as DVD bonus features, trailers, commercials and soundtrack albums.

As a result of this new agreement, the AFM has experienced a dramatic increase in the volume of projects using large orchestras in just a few short months and anticipates a continually growing stream of work.

“This is really a groundbreaking step by the AFM,” says G.A.N.G. founder Tommy Tallarico. “It’s fantastic that the AFM recognizes the importance of the videogame industry and they are making it a top priority to work with us. We’re pleased to have them aboard, and look forward to working together to create the finest music possible for videogames.”

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