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And the Emmy Goes to…

Read Mix news article about Marc Fishman and Zaxcom Deva Taking Home 2008 Emmy Awards

Marc Fishman

1990 Full Sail grad Marc Fishman won a 2008 Creative Arts Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Miniseries or a Movie for his work on the HBO film John Adams. Fishman is credited with working on more than 100 films; he has been a member of Todd-AO since 1999 and has worked on such titles as We Were Soldiers, Nacho Libre and Crash.

Zaxcom Deva 16

Zaxcom president Glenn Sanders and chief engineer Howard Stark were awarded a Primetime Emmy Engineering Award for the Deva location sound recorder. Here’s what some sound pros have said about Deva in the pages of Mix:

Richard King on
Master & Commander: It really puts you in the room. You have a creak in the right front and it will move to the right surround; you really feel like you’re inside of something. — December 2003

Eric Potter: I’ve had that machine in extreme heat and extreme cold, and it’s always performed very well. It had some vibration problems: Riding on an M-1 tank and having it sitting on a chair, it would have a little seizure. [Laughs] Or, one time recording a tilt-a-whirl for [M. Night Shyamalan’s] Unbreakable, John [Fasal] and I had to do a little fancy suspension of the unit to record that. But in general, it’s been a real workhorse. — July 2005