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Antares Expands Distribution of Auto-Tune EFX

Antares Audio Technologies in Scotts Valley, Calif., announces that its Auto-Tune EFX real-time Auto-Tune vocal effect and pitch correction plug-in is now available from authorized Antares dealers around the world. Auto-Tune EFX is available in RTAS, VST and Audio Units formats at a U.S. MSRP of $129. All Macintosh versions are universal binaries.

Initially introduced in a limited rollout in November 2008, Auto-Tune EFX is designed for real-time pitch correction and creating the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect, which was made popular by releases from T-Pain, Kanye West, Cher and other artists in popular music. Powered by the same Evo voice processing technology as Antares’ Auto-Tune Evo, the latest generation of Antares’ pitch correction tool, Auto-Tune EFX makes Antares-quality pitch processing accessible to anyone engaged in computer-based audio recording.

“Due to the dramatic impact of the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect on the world of popular music, our initial limited introduction of Auto-Tune EFX generated an enormous amount of excitement—and sales,” says Marco Alpert, Antares’ VP of marketing. “Since then, both T-Pain and Kanye West have released new albums on which they make extensive use of the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect, and brought even more media attention to it. As a result, we’re extremely pleased to expand the distribution of Auto-Tune EFX to our entire dealer base, making it possible for musicians around the world to have an affordable, easy-to-use tool for basic pitch correction and the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect.”

For more information, visit Antares’ Auto-Tune EFX page. Additionally, a fully functional time-limited demo version is available here.