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Antelope Audio Appoints Audio Agent LLC

UK-based Antelope Audio has appointed Audio Agent LLC of Bellevue, Wash., as the brand’s representative in Los Angeles and New York City, following recent sales increases of Antelope Audio products in those key markets.

The brainchild of renowned engineer Igor Levin, Antelope Audio manufactures next-generation master digital clocks that offer significantly improved stability and sonic clarity to digital recording systems. Audio Agent has been working with the brand in recent weeks to build grassroots excitement with key recording professionals on both coasts.

“Antelope Audio products provide a strong foundation for any serious studio,” explains Audio Agent president Dave Christenson. “Professionals spend thousands of dollars on their digital workstations and recording equipment. But without the very best sync source, their studio’s output is compromised.”

“When I demonstrate the difference this single piece of equipment can make, it’s not subtle; top professionals are instantly converted,” adds Audio Agent’s Blue Wilding. “Many express regret at not having discovered Antelope gear sooner.”

“The buzz in the U.S. is building very quickly now,” says Antelope VP of sales Marcel James. “We’ve never appointed a U.S. rep before, so we wanted to try Audio Agent a while before committing further. I can tell you we’re extremely happy with the results. These guys are passionate about high-end sonic performance, and can translate that excitement into sales.”

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