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Anthony Jackson Achieves Bass-Line Quality With Meyer

With the upcoming release of the Anthony Jackson Six String Contrabass Library, Vol. 1, Anthony Jackson is prepared to make his skills available to discerning music producers. Recording to the highest-possible specifications at New York City’s Clinton Recording Studios, Jackson insisted on the precision and clarity of his distinctive studio/live rig, featuring twin self-powered Meyer Sound CQ-1 wide-coverage main loudspeakers.

“I’ve always been a connoisseur of audio gear, and at this point in my career, I require absolutes,” Jackson says. “Since my purchase of an UltraSeries system several years ago, self-powered speakers from Meyer have been a revelation to me. Now that I’ve gone to the CQ-1 system, I think it’s made me an even better artist. From the first time I tried the CQ-1 and put it through its paces, I realized that the amazingly clean and accurate signal of these loudspeakers is what I’ve been looking for. It sounds equally good at low, mid and high volume levels.

“What I’ve wanted from my speakers has always been accuracy with a minimum of coloration,” continues Jackson, who currently pairs his CQ-1 cabinets with a Millennia HV-3B preamp/API 550B EQ front end. “I design my own instruments, and from doing recordings for so many years, I’ve come to know very well what my instrument should sound like. In my earlier years, I would often hear myself with greater accuracy on playback in the control room than I did while recording in the live room,. That’s when I began to realize that a lot of equipment being sold to engineering staffs was of much higher quality than equipment intended for the musicians. I decided I had to get superior gear and started investigating deeper into the world of pro audio, which is what led me to finally take a look at Meyer Sound speakers.

“It’s a very even-sounding system, with the profile of the roll-off below 35 Hz being extremely smooth. I use a pair of CQ-1s because I knew the additive factor would make it sound even sweeter for recording, but just one is absolutely outstanding. I’ve used a number of high-end pro audio speakers for many years, and there has been nothing that does the job as well as the CQ-1s.”

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