Apex Electronics Announces Apex500 Series Condenser Mic Line


Apex540 side address studio condenser mic

Apex Electronics in Toronto, introduces its Apex500 Series condenser microphone line, which includes the Apex540 ($249 MSRP) and Apex550 ($239) side address studio condensers. The Apex540 and Apex550 also feature proprietary Apex gold sputtered capsules, custom designed acoustically transparent windscreens, solid Zinc bodies, and heavy-duty cradle mounts.

The Apex575 ($129 MSRP) low-profile headset microphone offers detachable interchangeable cable connectors that allow the mic to direct connect to virtually any wireless transmitter pack, including systems from Shure, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, AKG, and Line 6. Detachable headband allows the Apex575 to be used as a neck-worn mic for theatrical or public speaking applications, or as a secure headset for live performance.

The Apex500 Series also includes the Apex515 ($129 MSRP) handheld vocal condenser with interchangeable capsules providing multiple polar patterns tailoring the mic to suit specific applications or vocalists. The Apex520 ($229 MSRP) is a multi-pattern side address studio microphone; the Apex530 ($159 MSRP) is a cardioid side address studio condenser microphone; and the Apex591 ($169) is a battery powered medium diaphragm cardioid condenser designed for instrument sources live or in the studio.

For more information, visit Apex Electronics' distributor, Yorkville Sound, at www.yorkville.com, or visit www.apexelectronics.com.