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API Audio Initiates VPR Alliance

API Audio announces the VPR Alliance, a program of standardization and consistency guidelines for manufacturers wishing to make products designed to fit into API’s 500 series rack format. The program provides complete design specifications for manufacturers interested in producing third party products that physically fit and electronically conform to API’s rack specifications.

The creation of the VPR Alliance addresses a proliferation of third party modules designed to fit the API format. Typically installed into API racks, these third party modules have raised issues of warranty and interaction with API-manufactured modules in the same rack.

Because of the variables related to those third party modules, API has previously been forced to declare that including third-party modules into a 500VPR or Lunchbox simply voids the warranty of the API rack. Through the VPR Alliance, API is able to eliminate confusion as to which third party products void the API warranty and which do not.

VPR Alliance members are given the right to sell API racks and power supplies at dealer pricing to support sales of their products.

API plans to promote the VPR Alliance concept through advertising, marketing and PR channels, including listing all members on API’s Website. Members are also encouraged to reciprocate by using the VPR Alliance logo on product information, PR materials and Websites.

Manufacturers wishing to join the VPR Alliance should contact API’s managing director, Gordon Smart, for a copy of the 500 Module Series Specification and Manufacturer’s Worksheet, together with instructions on the review process. Members will additionally receive recommendations regarding competitive issues and pricing guidelines.

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