Apogee Announces Compatibility with Apple's Snow Leopard


Apogee Electronics in Santa Monica, Calif., announces Apple Snow Leopard compatibility for Duet, ONE, Mini-FW, USB and X-FireWire interfaces.

A single version of Maestro is now compatible with all Apogee products, including ONE and X-FireWire-equipped interfaces. Symphony Mobile systems now support SBus connection. Apogee states that it will release Snow Leopard-compatible software for Ensemble by September 4, while it will release Symphony software and drivers by September 9.

Updated Apogee software is available immediately from the company's Website at http://support.apogeedigital.com.

All questions regarding Apogee products' use with Apple products can be submitted to Apogee Tech Support at support@apogeedigital.com or 310/584-9394. For more information and for further announcements, visit www.apogeedigital.com.