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Apogee Discontinues Windows Development

In a statement issued from Apogee Electronics, the company states that as of 2009, it will no longer develop products for the Microsoft Windows platform. Apogee says that it “made this decision in order to focus all research, development and support resources on the Apple platform with its unparalleled power and stability. Apple offers a wide range of affordable, powerful desktop and laptop solutions ideally suited for music creation and audio production.

“Apogee will continue to develop and manufacture premium converters, microphone preamplifiers, clocking solutions, and supporting technologies that provide world-class solutions for Mac-based production environments.

“Windows users can obtain the Apogee sound by connecting Apogee converters to their Windows-compatible audio interface via AES, optical, or S/PDIF. Apogee technical support will continue to support legacy Windows configurations installed on Windows XP Service Pack 2.”

Any questions regarding Windows support can be directed to Apogee technical support, available Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Technical support can be reached either via phone at 310/584-9394, e-mail at [email protected], or fax at 310/584-9385.

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