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Apogee Goes to School

Whistling Woods International, an Asian institute for film, television animation and media arts, has installed Apogee products (Big Ben with video sync card, Ensemble, four Rosetta 800s) in all of its campus studios, including the sound recording, design and music production studio.

Whistling Woods’ CTO, Neelesh Bhatia, says, “At Whistling Woods International, we believe in giving students the best there is when it comes to technology. Therefore, when it came to our requirement for AD/DA units, the Apogee Rosetta seemed the most obvious choice. It is easily the most transparent converter on the market today, and our students use these units in each of our studios to transfer audio between rooms. Also, we use the Ensemble in our MIDI lab, which is the perfect front end for Logic Pro. It looks good and sounds even better.”

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