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Apogee Quartet Desktop Audio Interface for Mac

Apogee Electronics unveils its Quartet ($1,295) desktop USB audio interface for Mac, featuring four inputs, eight outputs (including one ¼-inch stereo headphone output), MIDI I/O on a USB-A type connector, word clock output, and two top panel high-resolution OLED displays. The unit also has a single controller knob and six QuickTouch pads for direct selection of inputs and outputs, and three assignable touchpads, and includes Apogee AD/DA converters.

Quartet connects to any Mac (from MacBook Air to Mac Pro) via USB 2 high-speed for low latency, and works with any Core Audio compatible application, including Logic, Pro Tools 9 and 10, Final Cut, and Ableton Live.

Quartet’s four combination inputs offer microphone, instrument and line input with a gain range of up to 75 dB. For additional channels, Quartet’s eight digital inputs create the option of connecting an external interface, such as the Apogee Ensemble.

Quartet’s six balanced outputs provide options for the video producer to mix in surround, the live performer to send multiple mixes to monitors and front-of-house, and the mixer to send a mix to outboard compressors and EQs. Using Apogee’s Maestro software, the outputs will also split into three stereo pairs for connecting three speaker sets for auditioning mixes across various types of studio monitors.

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