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Apogee’s Symphony Used in Sound Installation

Two Apogee Symphony PCI-Express cards and four DA-16X converters were used in Daniel Teige and Martin Rumori’s second installment of 16:9, the highly acclaimed interactive sound installation at the World New Music Festival 2006, which took place this past July in Stuttgart, Germany.

The installation also incorporated a Power Mac G5 and custom designed interface and software that formed a speaker canvas, which allowed each participant to become a painter of sound. Using a portable and easy to use interface, sounds can be mixed and freely spatialized on a 60-channel speaker canvas of several square meters by painting with colors on a handheld touchscreen.

“During the festival people were constantly using our system for more than 12 hours a day,” Teige elaborates. “The installation was running day and night for three weeks without any problems. Right now we are working on a big exhibition with up to seven single canvases. Since this system just works so well, Apogee will be my choice! Apogee together with Apple computers is what I call sophisticated hardware setup.”

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