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Apogee Ships Ensemble Audio Interface for Macintosh

Apogee Electronics is now shipping its Ensemble multichannel digital audio interface for Macintosh worldwide through authorized dealers and distributors. Ensemble is the first and only multichannel audio interface that can be controlled natively within Apple’s Logic Pro software.

Apogee is making Ensemble available with a beta version of the FireWire audio driver, which supports a single Ensemble used with any G5 or Intel-based Mac with OS 10.4.7. Sample rates of up to 96 kHz are also available. Apogee states that it intends to support all of Ensemble’s hardware capabilities with the final release of the FireWire audio driver.

Ensemble features 36 channels of simultaneous audio, including eight channels of Apogee’s A/D and D/A conversion, four digitally controlled 75dB mic preamps, eight channels of ADAT I/O, two channels of S/PDIF coaxial and optical I/O, and FireWire connectivity to and from the computer as standard. Ensemble also includes Apogee’s SoftLimit, UV22HR and Intelliclock.

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