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Apogee Ships Symphony PCI-X Card

Apogee’s Symphony PCI-X card is now shipping worldwide through authorized dealers and distributors. Using the same driver as the PCI-Express version, the PCI-X card is specifically designed for use with Apple Computer’s earlier generation PowerMac G5 computers.

The Symphony PCI-X card is a digital audio interface based on the PCI-X architecture in Apple’s PowerMac G5 computers. Controlled by Apogee’s Maestro software for Mac OS X, Symphony features 32 channels of digital I/O on a single PCI-X card format. With support for sample rates up to 192 kHz, Symphony can be used as a digital router or patchbay when connected to external converters or other digital outboard equipment. According to Apogee, software drivers for Symphony feature extensive routing capabilities and very low latency performance.

Symphony connects directly to Apogee’s Rosetta and AD-16X and DA-16X converters via the X-Symphony option card, which installs in the slot of the converter itself.

Because a PowerMac G5 can host three cards at one time, Symphony offers the ability to employ up to 192 channels of audio simultaneously in a single computer.

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