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Audient ASP8024 Dual Layer Control Module

Audient in Hampshire, UK, announces that its Dual Layer technology is now available for its flagship ASP8024 console, in the form of the Dual Layer Control (DLC) module. When fitted with the newly released module, the ASP8024 can now be at the center of a DAW session as well as the analog mixing experience. The Dual Layer Control module allows the large format console to control a computer session and also provides eight channels of analog moving fader automation.

The DLC module connects directly to the computer via an Ethernet connection, supporting control of Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and Nuendo. Pushing the DAW button enables the user to toggle easily between the control of the computer session and the analog automation layer.

The new module has eight analog audio channels enabling the automation of external line input sources or subgroup paths. Each channel has a source and destination switch, which allows the selection of any combination of external I/O and subgroup paths. Below these are the pan controls and mix buttons, allowing users to route the channels directly to the mix and position them in the stereo field. When the eight sources are switched to external input, eight extra channels can be routed directly to the ASP8024 mix bus, and the 24-channel console becomes a 24+8 fader console, offering a total of 64 available analog inputs.

Visit to download the DLC module brochure.