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audioEngine Adds New Studio

Capitalizing on the strong creative and economic growth in the Southwest, audioEngine unveils its newest studio, audioEngine|west. Headed by audioEngine partner Bob Giammarco,

audioEngine unveils its newest studio, audioEngine|west (Phoenix). Headed by audioEngine partner Bob Giammarco,
audioEngine|west will service both clients from the Southwest advertising and production communities, as well as Giammarco’s East Coast client list. In addition to Giammarco, audioEngine|west will feature the talents of Jason Camiolo, a longtime collaborator with Giammarco and an accomplished composer/musician.

In addition to its remote recording capability, the audioEngine|west studio is connected to a music and sound effect database via high-speed Internet and FTP. The company’s Southwest clients will also have access to the
company’s new 5.1 mix room in New York for digital cinema mixes.

Giammarco recently completed his first assignment for the golf product The Speed Stik from The Burg Group via Blade Editorial. “It’s great to work with Bob because he brings his national experience to this market and he can really make miracles happen,” said Blade Editorial’s Louise Parker. “We had a lot to do on this project and he was exceptional throughout the process.”

From Boston comes audioEngine|west’s first “remote” client. Giammarco completed full audio mix, sound design and music composition for advertiser U Mass. Helmed by director Paul Canney at Element Productions in Boston, the spots highlight research capabilities at U Mass. The spots, produced and edited in Massachusetts, were mixed by Giammarco while his clients remained 2,299 miles away. “I’ve been working with these clients in this manner for over eight years already,” noted Giammarco, “so effectively, there’s no difference between my work here in Phoenix and when I was in New York.” General manager Michael Porte added, “It’s actually more cost-effective for clients that tend to push everything to the last minute. Since Bob is now in an earlier time zone, clients will be able to work late, without incurring hefty overtime.”

Camiolo is a member of the rock band Fuzzbubble whose songs have been featured on the TV show Felicity and the Godzilla soundtrack, among others. Though based in Arizona, Camiolo will also be available for clients of audioEngine NY, as appropriate.

While starting out with just one studio in Arizona, plans are in the works to expand as needed and grow both the production space, as well as the creative offering at audioEngine|west. audioEngine|west is located in downtown Phoenix at 316 West McDowell Rd., Suite 105 Phoenix, AZ 85003, 602/250-8605.

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