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AudioVision In Orange County, Calif., Installs Fairlight Constellation XCS

AudioVision proprietor Bill Trousdale seated at his new Fairlight Constellation XCS console

Fairlight reports that it has installed a Fairlight Constellation XCS console in Southern California audio post facility AudioVision, which is owned by Bill Trousdale (pictured). Fairlight, in conjunction with its U.S. representative Audio Agent and local dealer Hollywood Sound, agreed to deliver the three-bay console without a frame so that Trousdale could install it into his own custom-built frame, which is specially designed to house two computers and has its top panels placed at an angle, reflecting the way in which Trousdale likes to work.

“I’ve always liked the ‘English’ style of console—flat faders and the other panels angled upwards as they get further away, [which is a] very ergonomic [design],” Trousdale says. “So when I decided to replace my old console with a Fairlight Constellation XCS, I was keen to have a layout that was as comfortable as possible.

“The overall console build went very well, especially since I have never taken on a project quite like this,” he says. “All told, it was a three-month project, and there are still a couple minor things to finish up, but the new console is now up and running in our studio and is working very well. Having the second computer available at all times is big help in my workflow. I am very grateful to Fairlight for their cooperation and technical help.”

Trousdale established AudioVision in Orange County, Calif., in 1989. Trousdale has more than 35 years experience in the pro audio industry. The facility is equipped to a very high specification, particularly in regards to acoustic isolation and overall sonic purity. All of its audio recording systems are Fairlight, which Trousdale chose because they offer the speed, stability and audio quality that his clients demand.

“At AudioVision we pride ourselves on the fact that we are technically far ahead of our competitors,” he says. “Clients want to realize their goals and contain costs through smooth workflow and technical reliability. Our aim is to help them achieve this in an environment that is both creative and relaxed.”

By upgrading to Fairlight’s Constellation XCS console, AudioVision is now able to harness the tactile power of Fairlight’s Xynergi controller, which is designed as an intuitive tool for recording, editing and mixing, and allows engineers to gain access to all the features of Fairlight’s Crystal Core (CC-1) engine, as well as commonly used Windows applications.

Since installing his new console, Trousdale says he has used it on a series of infomercials with Joan Rivers and the facility’s first one-hour infomercial with talk show host Montel Williams.

“The system has proved to be extremely capable and fast,” Tousdale adds. “Clients are pleasantly surprised at how quickly edits and processing can happen—and, since it’s still a bit new, I’m probably at 85-percent of my normal speed.”

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