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Audix Introduces FP5 Fusion Drum Pack

Designed for miking a five-piece kit for both live and studio applications, Audix’s new FP5 Fusion Drum Pack ($559 MSRP) contains a completely new series of Audix dynamic microphones: the F6 for kick drum, the F5 for snare, and three F2s for rack and floor toms. Each mic has a snap-to-fit DCLIP mic stand adapter, and the entire system is packaged in a heavy duty, custom aluminum carrying case.

Audix co-founder Cliff Castle states: “The Fusion packs, which we introduced seven years ago, are extremely popular as a cost-effective miking solution for the entry-level customer. We took the Fusions to the next level and the FP5 pack will exceed all expectations. Users will be surprised at the sound of these mics—pro-level performance at very affordable pricing.”

The FP5 offers a variety of options, including the D-VICE rim mounting system ($29.95), the CBL-DR25 25-foot right angle XLR-XLR mic cable ($29.95), the D-FLEX butterfly mounting clip ($19.95), the D-CLAMP clip for lug nut mounting ($29.95) and the STAND-KD pedestal mic stand for use with bass drum and guitar cabs ($44.95).

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