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Auralex Introduces Studiofoam SmartPak

Auralex Studiofoam SmartPak Wedges

Auralex Acoustics introduces its Studiofoam SmartPak packaging solution offering greater flexibility for optimized sound control. Studiofoam SmartPaks are available in several combinations, including 2- and 4-inch packages comprising Studiofoam wedges or pyramids, as well as a pack of LENRD (Low-End Node Reduction Device) bass traps.

The 2-inch Studiofoam SmartPak totals 48 square feet with 12 wedge or pyramid 2×2-foot panels per pack. The 4-inch Studiofoam SmartPak totals 24 square feet with six 2×2-foot panels packaged together, while the LENRD SmartPak includes four bass traps. All SmartPaks are available in charcoal, purple and burgundy. Alternate colors and alternate sizes, such as 1- and 3-inch products, are available via special order in standard packaging. The Performance Series of Roominator Kits are also available using SmartPak technology, including the Project 2, the Pro Plus and the Deluxe Plus kits.

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