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Automation, Sync & Control


BRAINSTORM DCD-8: With the need for various rates and standards to interact, it is difficult to keep everything synchronized and locked. With 10 inputs/17 outputs, the DCD-8 offers exceptional stability and remarkable flexibility, it is ideal for most situations, whether you have a small sound studio or a large post-production facility with NTSC, PAL or HD systems. Clock generating, distributing, clean up, analyzing and format converting. AES booth #738.

Dist. by Plus24

DACS EIGHTCH: The Eightch is an 8-channel volume controller. Each channel has a trim pot with a range of around 12 dB. A single knob controls the master volume, and tracking is extremely accurate. The unit uses THAT’s InGenius balanced input chip and 2181A trimmable VCAs. Specs: noise, -89 dB; THD @ 0 dB 0.0032%; crosstalk, -87 dB; TRS I/O. Price: $1,120. AES booth #1234.

Dist. by Independent Audio

JLCOOPER ELECTRONICS ES-4/100 MIDI: ES 4/100 MIDI is our newest, low-cost Edit Suite Series (deep-profile) automation controller. It features four 100mm touch-sensitive, motorized faders, bank-shift buttons and function keys. Support for Pro Tools, Nuendo, Digital Performer and Logic via MIDI.

JLCOOPER ELECTRONICS FADERMASTER 4/100 USB: FaderMaster 4/100 automation controller features four 100mm touch-sensitive, motorized faders, bank-shift buttons and function keys. USB support has been added for Mac OS X systems, with custom software support for Pro Tools, DP, Final Cut Pro, Logic and other Mac OS X native apps.

SPL VOLUME2, VOLUME8: These 2- and 8-channel monitor controllers are designed with active switching to prevent the disadvantages of passive circuitries that result in impedance variation and degraded linearity in frequency response. Volume2 features balanced XLR I/Os; Volume8 uses DB-25 connecters. Both units feature illuminated, passive mute switches. AES booth #1125.

SYMETRIX LUCID GENX192: This advanced, affordable master clock is perfect for multitrack recording, mastering, on-air, DAW and desktop recording environments. Features jitter input filtering, drop-out protection, termination sensing, flexible format conversion, the world’s easiest interface and the ability to output two simultaneous frequencies up to 192 kHz. All jitter is measurable, but the GENx192 will output a clean, ultralow-jitter, rock-solid clock.