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Avatar Studios Awards Recording Time to Deli Magazine’s ‘Best Of NYC 2012’ Winners

Avatar Studio B

Avatar Studios in New York City partnered with online publication The Deli magazine to offer 10 hours of free recording time to three new bands based in New York City that were named “Best of NYC 2012” by the publication. The Deli editor-in-chief Paolo DeGregorio created the contest and chose the “Year End Poll For Emerging Artists” winners from a number of entries.

The winning bands are Foxygen, Spirit Family Reunion, and Ambassadors.

“The future of music lies with today’s talented young musicians,” says Avatar President Kirk Imamura, “and we’re looking forward to welcoming these three groups. Avatar supports the thriving music scene, and we encourage the artists and provide the highest quality of recording equipment as well as the vast knowledge and experience of our staff of professionals. We have hosted many artists, producers, engineers and musicians who use our facilities to create their recordings. sWe offer the top level of recording possibilities that simply cannot be duplicated in a home studio. Artists come out of Avatar with a finished product that is technically on par with the works of the industry’s most successful and lauded superstars. We love to see our clients reach the highest rung of the music industry ladder.”

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