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Avlex Introduces MIPRO ACT-81, ACT-82 Digital Wireless Systems


Avlex Corporation, the exclusive U.S. distributor of MIPRO products, introduces the single-receiver MIPRO ACT-81 and dual-receiver ACT-82 Digital Wireless Microphone Systems (prices TBA). The new systems feature a color VFD (Vacuum Florescent Display), 24-bit audio with advanced DSP, a sub-band ADPCM algorithm and proprietary 128-bit encryption capability for use in permanent installations such as corporate boardrooms and government facilities.

Avlex states that because the ACT-81 and ACT-82 are both digital systems, their transmission quality is constant, the signal-to-noise ratio will not deteriorate and there is no saturation or distortion at the higher frequencies of a high SPL input. The company also states that the sub-band ADPCM algorithm virtually eliminates compandor noise and restores the source’s original sound quality. Both systems incorporate MIPRO’s Autoscan and Automatic Channel Targeting (ACT) functionality.


Featuring advanced DSP technology, the MIPRO ACT-81 and ACT-82 wireless systems incorporate built-in equalization and microphone capsule modeling, enabling operators to fine-tune the system’s sound to their liking while also emulating the sonic characteristics of popular microphones.

Digital transmission is via the ACT-8H handheld transmitter or the ACT-8T bodypack transmitter. Both units incorporate a multifunction LCD indicator for displaying channel, transmitter battery status, input levels and error codes.

The MIPRO ACT-81 and ACT-82 can be configured via PC-controllable software. Operators can use a PC to manage simultaneous monitoring and control of multiple, large-scale systems.

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