Avlex Superlux D112/C Harmonica Mic Now Shipping

AvlexSuperlux D-112CWeb.jpg

Avlex Corporation is now shipping the Superlux D112/C ($150), a dynamic microphone designed especially for miking the harmonica. Avlex states that the mic is designed to be easy to hold while performing.

The Superlux D112/C features an omni-directional polar pattern and a reported frequency response of 100 to 6k Hz for reproducing a classic blues sound. The D112/C provides a detented volume control placed on the microphone’s underside. It also has a 20-foot cable with a high-impedance 1/4-inch output connector. The optional Superlux CP-828 converter allows the D112/C to connect to low-impedance equipment.

For more information, visit www.avlex.com.