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Axia Introduces Element 2-Fader+Monitor Module

Axia introduced the new Element 2-Fader+Monitor Module (price TBA) at NAB 2007. It allows Axia clients to order Element consoles in compact sizes of two to 10 faders for space-sensitive applications, such as news booths and dubbing stations. The new module combines two fader strips with overbridge alphanumeric displays and Status Symbols with a comprehensive two-space Monitor/Options section, all of which fit into a single four-position module.

Element modular control surfaces are available in sizes from two to 40 faders, and include four Program buses, four aux send buses, two aux returns, automatic mix-minus and dedicated talkback functions on every fader, one-touch Record Mode for fast off-air recording and instant recall of talent preferences. Element also features 3-band digital parametric EQ that can be applied to any source, and onboard voice processing with compression and de-essing tools designed by Omnia.

Axia IP-Audio systems allow broadcasters to build audio networks using standard Ethernet to connect a few rooms or an entire facility. Axia networks can carry tens of thousands of digital stereo audio channels over Cat-6 cable. Axia includes a family of “audio nodes” that make it easy to interface with digital, analog, microphone and PC audio sources.

Axia anticipates that it will ship the Element 2-Fader+Monitor Module during the third quarter of 2007.

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