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Axia Releases Software Update for IP-Audio Driver

A new version of Axia Audio’s IP-Audio Driver for Windows is now available. Version is an incremental upgrade that addresses several minor usability and performance issues. Anyone using a previous version is encouraged to obtain the update, which is available for free to registered users.

Axia’s IP-Audio Driver makes it possible to extract premium quality digital audio from a standard PC without soundcards. A PC with the IP-Audio Driver becomes an Axia “audio node.” Its Ethernet port connects directly to the Livewire network, and the Axia driver handles all necessary audio conversions. The PC can then send stereo audio to any network destination, and can record or audition any other network source, as well.

The IP-Audio Driver allows users to avoid the cost of the audio inputs (router or console) normally required by hard-wired routing systems. For broadcasters with highly-computerized studios, cost savings can be significant.

New features in Version include an added audio recording path through the Windows Mixer for easier recording of local audio streams; re-ordered stream identifiers for easier configuration when using multiple-output audio playback or digital delivery systems; and enhanced interoperability with Windows Firewall.

The Axia IP-Audio Driver comes in two versions: a 1-input, 1-output version for use with audio editing workstations, and a 16-in/16-out version available directly from Axia delivery system partners.

Users of the single-stream IP-Audio Driver may download a software update from; users with the multi-stream version can obtain the update directly from their delivery system provider.

A growing number of delivery system providers support the Livewire IP-Audio standard. For a complete list, visit