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Bag End Introduces New Bass Signal Processor: Infra MXB

Bag End Loudspeaker Systems plans to unveil a new generation bass signal processor, the INFRA-MXB, at the 2004 AES Show (Oct. 28-30) in San Francisco.

Bag End Loudspeaker Systems plans to unveil a new generation bass signal processor, the INFRA-MXB (pictured), at the 2004 AES Show (Oct. 28-30) in San Francisco.

Bag End’s newest bass signal processor is a single space, rackmount stereo electronic crossover with mono sum INFRA bass processing. The “B” in MXB signifies that this processor features low impedance, balanced outputs. The MXB low frequency output offers dual integration and dynamic filter protection. Also included is surface-mount technology construction throughout and an improved grounding scheme to contribute to high performance and low noise.

MXB dual integrators provide flat response down to 8 Hz. when used with Bag End INFRA series bass speaker systems. “The MXB signal processor represents an improvement in reliability and manufacturing from our previous signal processors,” said James P. Wischmeyer, president of the Barrington, Ill., manufacturer of loudspeaker systems. “When the dual integrator technology was first introduced by Bag End 10 years ago, we called it a ‘development of milestone proportions,’ and said it would change the way we think about bass reproduction, and I believe that holds true.”

In the INFRA technology, the electrical signal goes through the INFRA electronics before the power amplifier, as it would with a conventional electronic crossover. Inside the INFRA electronics, a slope is applied to the signal by the use of dual integrators lifting the low frequencies by 12 dB per octave.

The INFRA loudspeaker is placed in a small enclosure, providing a relatively high system resonance for a subwoofer. The system’s response without the INFRA electronic drive will rise at 12 dB per octave up to its resonance frequency and then flatten out until the woofer reaches its upper limit. When INFRA drive is applied, the 12 dB per octave roll-off below resonance of the cabinet combines with the 12 dB per octave rise of the electronics to form a flat frequency response down to the lowest point set on the INFRA electronics. That can be as low at 8 Hz. Above resonance, the loudspeaker would normally respond well up into the midrange, but INFRA drive assists the dual integrators roll off the loudspeaker system above resonance, providing the lowpass function with the use of a lowpass filter.

“The result is a conveniently sized subwoofer with a highly musical and precise extended low frequency capability,” Wischmeyer concluded. “To boil it all down to one concise phrase, INFRA technology makes a bass system simpler, smaller, and, at the same time, makes it sound better.”

Suggested retail price for the INFRA-MXB bass signal processor is $1,180.

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