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Behringer Truth, Feedback Destroyer Now Available

Behringer has announced the availability of the Truth B2092A studio subwoofer, as well as the Feedback Destroyer Pro FBQ2496 EQ.

Behringer Truth B2092A

Behringer has announced the availability of the Truth B2092A, a high-performance active 360-watt studio subwoofer for mono, stereo and surround applications, as well as the Feedback Destroyer Pro FBQ2496, a 24-bit/96 kHz feedback suppressor/parametric EQ.

The Truth B2092A uses a high-power 360-watt amplifier to deliver a dynamic range with linear bass reproduction down to 32 Hz. It comes with two long-excursion 8-inch loudspeakers with deformation-resistant aluminum die-cast chassis, ensuring minimal distortion even at the highest volume levels. The product also comes with dedicated Left, Right and Center XLR inputs and outputs for all stereo and surround applications; low-frequency enhancement for Behringer Truth studio monitors or any other professional monitoring system; innovative bandpass filter enclosure design; active crossovers at 80 Hz provide precise frequency band separation and minimal phase shift; overload-protection circuitry; flexible adaptation to acoustic environments via Phase and Room Compensation controls; footswitch connector for remotely controllable A/B comparison (footswitch not included) and more.

The Feedback Destroyer Pro FBQ2496 is capable of automatically and “intelligently” locating and destroying up to 20 frequencies per channel. It offers ultra-fast feedback detection (<0.2 sec) due to proprietary FFT signal analysis. The product also comes with notch-filters up to 1/60th octave; Set-and-forget” default setting plus Panic button; Auto mode to continuously monitor the mix, resetting programmed filters automatically and a D/A converter powered by a 32-bit DSP, among other features.

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