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Bettermaker Debuts Valve Stereo Passive Equalizer

The best of analog vacuum tube stereo EQ, featuring new company-made transformers, with DAW control and recall.

Las Vegas, Nev.—TransAudio Group, the distributor of world-class audio equipment is excited to announce the new Bettermaker Valve Stereo Passive Equalizer. The VSPE, which combines the warmth of a vacuum tube stereo EQ, with the precision of digital control and recall, is the first Bettermaker product featuring original tube technology along with new company-designed and manufactured transformers.

The vacuum tubes selected for the VSPE are military-grade, with strict requirements for extremely low levels of noise and distortion. The new transformers were designed after analyzing more than one hundred vintage transformers from esteemed manufacturers. The difference between the units proved not only audible, but measurable. One of the most glaring differences arises in the lower-frequency range where sound falls short of musical expectations. 

VSPE includes a DAW plug-in that allows users to control and recall all settings of the analog hardware via USB. Along with standard parameter control, it provides high-quality digital HPF and LPF spectrum analyzer session snapshots, dual-mono operation, audio level metering, and quantize (step) mode for all hardware knobs. VSPE filters are also adjustable by dragging handles on the EQ curve graph.

“This is the real deal,” said Brad Lunde, founder and president of TransAudio Group. “Bettermaker continues to amaze the industry with both beautiful sound and digital smarts. The vintage analog sound of passive EQs so loved by engineers is replicated in the new Bettermaker Valve Stereo Passive Equalizer. It’s almost impossible to think of improving passive equalization beyond the Bettermaker VSPE, but I guess I’ll leave that up to Bettermaker.”

 For technical specifications, go to Units are shipping now at a price of $2999.00