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Beyerdynamic Introduces MCE 72 PV CAM Stereo Microphone

Beyerdynamic introduced the MCE 72 PV CAM camera-mountable stereo microphone at NAB 2007. Based on beyerdynamic’s MCE 72, which is found in home studio and home camcorder recording applications, the MCE 72 PV CAM has been added to the MCE 72 line to meet the rigorous requirements of professional broadcast applications.

As opposed to the MCE 72, which runs on a standard 1.5-volt battery (AA-size) with a 3.5mm stereo connector adaptor cable, the MCE 72 PV CAM operates with 11-52V phantom power and has a 3-pin XLR plug adaptor cable, the standard connection on most professional cameras.  The additional voltage of the MCE 72 PV CAM results in increased mic sensitivity from 12 to 26 mV/Pa.

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