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Billy Stull Opens Masterpiece School of Mastering in Texas

Mastering engineer Billy Stull (pictured), owner of Masterpiece Mastering and pro audio equipment manufacturer Legendary Audio, announces the establishment of the Masterpiece School of Mastering in the resort setting of South Padre Island, Texas. The school offers an intensive three-day course (which will be held monthly) on all aspects of the mastering phase of commercial recordings. The course will cover the step-by-step procedures, techniques and equipment involved in mastering a wide range of projects.

The Masterpiece School’s first session is planned for Monday, October 16 through Wednesday, the October 18 and will be limited to only ten students.

One of the highlights of the course will be an hour-long conference call with New York–based mastering veteran Alan Silverman (Norah Jones, Cheap Trick, The Kinks), who will share his operational philosophies and approach to mastering.

Classes will be taught at the Sheraton South Padre Island Beach Hotel, which offers special room rates for students. The hotel features a 6,000-square-foot swimming pool, beach access and views of the Gulf of Mexico from each hotel room.

A portion of the course will also take place at Stull’s new Masterpiece Mastering facility, a 2,500-square-foot building that features a 1,000-square-foot mastering room with specially treated walls that effectively eliminate any reflections. According to Stull, “Having a mastering suite this large really takes the room out of the equation and feels very much like being outdoors, but with no ambient noise. It’s terrific in terms of accuracy, which is what we’re after in a mastering environment, of course.”

Cost for the three-day school is $900 and includes lunch each day. However, various manufacturers’ discounts will be offered to participants, which can potentially offset the cost of the school if equipment purchases are made within 60 days of attending.

For more information and an application form, contact [email protected] or visit and