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Blackbird Studios and Studio at the Palms Install SNS Products

Studio at the Palms in Las Vegas, Nev. and Blackbird Studios in Nashville, Tenn. have recently installed Studio Network Solutions’ shared storage systems in order to optimize their workflow.

Studio at the Palms–the Palms Casino Resort’s multi-million dollar production studio–installed SNS’ Fibre Channel shared storage system, the A/V SAN PRO. “We are using our A/V SAN PRO as our main audio work drives for our sessions,” explains director, Zoe Thrall. “When a client brings their files in we transfer them to the Fibre Channel drives and continue working, then remove them from the drives for archiving. We also can interconnect more than one studio if the same client is working in more than one room. When time, money and creativity are on the line, you want to work in the most stable and efficient format, and with A/V SAN PRO, we bought peace of mind.”

Blackbird Studios deployed both A/V SAN PRO and SNS globalSAN X-4 iSCSI systems to solve their storage and workflow needs. “We use our SNS SANs every day for centralized storage for the seven studios here at Blackbird,” says Vance Powell, general manager and staff engineer. “SNS has been here with us since day one and their system has grown with us from a one room, semi-private studio to a seven-room world-class facility. There hasn’t been one single incident of data loss or client downtime because of the SAN in four years of operation.”

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