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Blue Announces Woodpecker Active Ribbon Microphone

Blue Microphones introduces the Woodpecker ($1,299) active ribbon microphone. It offers figure-8 and bidirectional polar patterns, and features an exotic wood finish and unique active circuitry. The Woodpecker combines Blue’s Class-A discrete handmade electronics with a handmade aluminum ribbon pressure-gradient transducer.

The Woodpecker was designed to provide the smooth, intimate sound associated with expensive vintage ribbon microphones. It promises a focused mid-range and outstanding bass response. The mic is also designed for capturing room tone in detail for applications where natural room sound is desired.

The Woodpecker’s stated frequency response is 20-20k Hz, and its sensitivity is rated at 26mV/Pa (1kHz into 2.5k ohm). Its impedance is rated at 50 ohms and
noise level (A-weighted) does not exceed 22 dB. It handles max SPL levels of 136 dB (with THD at 0.5 percent), offers a dynamic range of 114 dB and operates on 48-volt phantom power. The Woodpecker package includes a custom made, solid brass shock-mount and wood storage box.

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