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Blue Cat Audio Announces RTAS, Full 64-bit Support for Plug-Ins

Blue Cat Audio—which is based in the western suburbs of Paris, France, and develops audio analysis tools and audio signal processors—announces that all of its plug-ins have been ported to the Pro Tools RTAS format and are from now on fully compatible with all 64-bit OS systems and major host applications. The company states that these new versions also include stability enhancements and minor bug fixes for certain platforms.

Blue Cat Audio has teamed up with to offer 12 of its best selling plug-ins for the price of $289 (retail is $1,200) via an exclusive bundle that will be sold at only until June 30, 2010.

The Blue Cat/DC Pack contains Blue Cat’s Digital Peak Meter Pro ($59), Dynamics ($159), FreqAnalyst Multi ($99), FreqAnalyst Pro ($89), Liny EQ ($89), ParametrEQ ($89), Stereo Liny EQ ($99), Stereo ParametrEQ ($89), StereoScope Multi ($99), StereoScope Pro ($89), Widening Liny EQ ($119) and Widening ParametrEQ ($119).

Blue Cat Audio plug-ins are available for PC and Mac in VST, DirectX, Audio Units and RTAS  formats. No ilok or eLicenser dongles are required for authorization.

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