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Blue Microphones Offers $200 Rebate On Woodpecker Microphone

Until July 31, 2009, Blue Microphones in Westlake Village, Calif., is offering $200 cash back on purchases of its Woodpecker active ribbon microphone. Customers can purchase any number of Woodpecker microphones between May 1 and July 31, 2009 from an authorized Blue retailer within the U.S. and Canada and become eligible to receive $200 cash back per microphone directly from Blue.

Blue Microphones states that the Woodpecker combines the low noise and superb detail of Blue’s Class-A discrete handmade electronics with the bold sound of a handmade aluminum ribbon pressure-gradient transducer. Woodpecker’s active ribbon provides the warmth of a traditional ribbon microphone while retaining the true high-end of a condenser microphone. It’s designed to be highly durable and deliver the wide frequency response needed for modern digital recording. The Woodpecker offers a focused midrange, ultra-smooth top end and outstanding bass response and is said to excel at ambient recording, capturing room tone with the most intimate detail.

The Woodpecker also offers an exotic wood finish, gold trim, custom shock-mount and cherry wood storage box.

For complete details and requirements, visit a local authorized Blue Microphone retailer or visit