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Bob Katz to Present Mastering Seminar in Rome on June 8

On Wednesday, June 8, multiple Grammy Award–winning mastering engineer Bob Katz will present a full-day seminar in Rome titled “Bob Till You Drop.” The event will take place at Auditorium Della Discoteca Di Stato one day before TC Electronic will hold a two-day mastering seminar in the same space that will feature Katz, George Massenburg, and other mastering luminaries as keynote speakers.

The cost of Katz’s one-day seminar is $185 (with 25 student tickets available for $140 each). Katz will present in English, and participants will receive a special certificate of attendance. Seats are limited. Lunch and drinks will be provided.

“It’s going to be a fun, inspiring and deeply educational day,” Katz says. “I’ll have a high-resolution, mastering-quality playback system on hand and the room itself will be acoustically treated. We’re going to do a lot of listening. We’ll listen to minimalist-miked recordings that will highlight the ways in which a recording’s origins impact the mix and the master. We’ll A/B a lot of final mixes with their masters, carefully considering the philosophies and tools that can improve even a good mix. Importantly, we’ll also listen to some masters that are worse than the raw mixes, highlighting what went wrong and how to avoid it.”

Katz invites participants to bring in their own mixes for evaluation, which will serve as relevant, un-canned topics for discussion with the group. What aspects of the mix must not be damaged by the mastering process? How can they be preserved? What aspects must be improved by the mastering process? How can they be improved?

Katz will discuss a number of technical items, including album assembly, PQ coding, master preparation, proofing, shipping of DDP masters, production of reference masters via FTP, restoration techniques, dynamics processing, and the pros and cons of stems. Importantly, Katz will reveal the “how-to” behind his most-cherished mastering magic tricks.

To guarantee a seat, interested participants must register before Saturday, May 21, 2011.

Find out more about “Bob Till You Drop” in Rome at, or contact Mary Kent or Todd Hays at 407/831-0233.

Register for “Bob Till You Drop” in Rome.