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Bongiovi Acoustics Unveils Digital Power Station Car Radio

Photo credit: David Weiss

The worlds of pro audio and consumer electronics were bridged at New York City’s Avatar Studios in December, where Bongiovi Acoustics unveiled the Digital Power Station car radio. Demonstrated by audio icon Tony Bongiovi (pictured) in Avatar’s Studio A, the patent-pending technology being manufactured by JVC made a very impressive debut.

According to Bongiovi Acoustics, the Digital Power Station, embedded in a computer chip, is the first of a new generation of digital audio signal processors that can be programmed to reproduce studio quality sound in virtually any audio device. Using a combination of filters, EQ and gain amplification, it achieves total linear control over the entire audio spectrum, allowing frequency-specific amplification to achieve desired results in the playback environment.

So how does it sound? If the demo in the Ford Focus that rolled into Studio A is any indication, excellent. Aimed first at lower- to mid-priced car lines at an anticipated cost of $700 to $1,100 for the upgrade, the Digital Power Station should put much higher quality sound within reach of the everyday driver.

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