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BSS Audio Offers Enhancements to London Architect

BSS Audio has announced HiQnet London Architect Version 1.08. The new version incorporates Harman Professional’s HiQnet protocol with new automation features that can reduce the need for manual interaction with the audio system significantly; instead, the contractor or system integrator can perform programming at the design stage. By automating signal processing and scheduling the recall of presets, the user interface can be made much simpler and more intuitive.

The Automixer automatically mixes a number of microphones. The Ambient Noise Compensator is used to automate the level of announcements from a paging microphone or program material to keep it above the ambient noise level. The Leveller automatically and gradually adjusts gain to keep the level of a signal close to a predetermined target level.

Soundweb London logic functionality has also been enhanced with the introduction of the Logic Serial Trigger/Table. Custom serial strings can now be sent from the serial port on the rear of Soundweb London devices, triggered by the Soundweb London logic design. For the first time, serially controlled devices such as projectors, displays and switchers can be controlled directly using Soundweb London.

Version 1.08 is available now as a free download for registered users from For more product information, visit