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Cakewalk Releases New Expansion Packs for Rapture, Dimension Pro

Biolabs Vol. 1 ($59) is a new Rapture Expansion Pack containing 250 programs programmed by Biomechanoid. The Expansion Pack includes a 230MB sample library hand-selected by BiolabsAudio for use with Rapture’s sfz Expression Engine. All of the sounds have been crafted to take advantage of Rapture’s advanced features, including the step-sequencer, filters, and DSP routing and transforms.

Digital Sound Factory Vol. 1 is a new Dimension Pro Expansion Pack that highlights a completely new grand piano. It includes more than 200 new presets programmed by sound designer Timothy Swartz. This set offers 520 MB of new content recorded and engineered from a Yamaha Conservatory Grand Piano. Multiple velocities (pedal-up, pedal-down and key-up) were recorded to preserve the acoustic harmonic content. The Digital Sound Factory Volume 1 set also expands upon Dimension Pro’s factory set of orchestral, layers, splits, electric pianos, basses and more. These new presets layer the new piano samples for multitimbral playback.

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